M2M Connectivity

M2M Connectivity

Remote Management of Machine-to-Machine SIM Cards

This service is designed for clients who already subscribe to the Managed Connectivity or POS Móvel Plus (POS Mobile Plus) services in our M2M Solutions and who wish to manage their SIM cards remotely.

The service allows clients to incorporate functions available through the M2M solutions self-care portal into their own applications or to create new solutions that facilitate the remote management of their M2M cards.


Connectivity Management Operations

1 – Resource operations (M2M SIM Card)
  • Look up the resources of a service instance (look up cards and their attributes)
  • Look up resource status (e.g. pre-active, in tests, active, suspended,...)
  • Obtain resource information by filter
  • Look up resource location (based on the last antenna in the MEO mobile network that carried the last traffic session)
  • Look up resource change requests (list of requests made)
  • Order resources
  • Request a replacement card
  • Request location (check the location of the card at the time)
  • Request a change in status (e.g. from suspended to active)
  • Request a name change
  • Request a change in the resource's configurations (e.g. changes in tariff, APN, active communication services)
  • Request a roaming change (activate or block)
2 – Connectivity point operations
  • Look up the connectivity points for a service instance
  • Details of a connectivity point
3 – Service Instance Operations
  1. Service instances by users
    • Look up the list of service instances assigned to a user
    • Allocate service instance access to a user
    • Transfer service instance administration to another user
    • Remove a user's access to a service instance
  2. Service instance configurations.
    • Eligible communication services (e.g. PS Data, CS Data, Voice, SMS)
    • Lifecycle of a service instance's resources (set whether or not the card should have a test statuses phase)
    • Configurations of a service instance's resource activity (parameterisation of expected times between communication sessions)

User Management Operations for the M2M Self-care Platform

  • Look up the list of users
  • Add user
  • Look up user
  • Change user
  • Remove user from the platform
  • Look up profiles

This can be used, for example, to:

  • Change M2M card statuses or activate /deactivate the communication services in close conjunction with your business needs.
  • Check the location of the M2M cards in the application that has already been used by your operatives in the field.
  • Incorporate card configurations and connectivity point details into your products and services inventory application.
  • Incorporate date/time information on the last communication effected by each card in the client's alarm system. This will enable you to immediately identify any cards with irregular communication patterns.
  • Centralise user management in your corporate application.