MMS Pack

MMS Pack

Bundle of pre-paid MMS

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This service allows you, from the Internet, to send multimedia messages to multiple recipients simultaneously, in a automatic, fast and simple manner.

This service is intended for businesses who need to send MMS to multiple recipients simultaneously, those being customers, suppliers, partners, employees or others.


  • Send a large number of MMS to any national network;
  • Send messages to single recipients, without need for a list of contacts;
  • Send long messages;
  • Manage the status of messages sent and received notifications from reports;
  • Set the sender (originator) to be used in messages (company name, product name or service, etc.).


  • Simple and fast subscription;
  • Access security with authentication via credentials;
  • Reduced costs by simply using an Internet client access for all the features;
  • Innovation, using SMS to communicate with the market or as business support.

Can be used, for example, for:

  • Dissemination of new products or services;
  • Announcement of new campaigns or promotions;
  • Submit news or trivia;
  • Alerts for scheduling meetings or events;
  • Birthday and festive seasons preset messages;
  • Communication with employees;