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It is mandatory that the APIs usage is authenticated by an e-mail (ESBUsername) plus password (ESBPassword) or a authentication token (ESBToken) generated by an e-mail and password. Is also mandatory the use of the access key (ESBAccessKey) available in the product details n the customer area

In addition to any conditions on this page, the General Terms and Conditions apply.

Service access

1. The access to the SMS service through SAPO Services requires the creation and maintenance of a SAPO user account.

2. To access the service page, the user has to type his username and password in order to ensure the authenticity and confidentiality of the access.

3. The user is obliged to maintain the secrecy of his password, assuming full responsibility for the non disclosure of this information. The user must protect the confidentiality of his password under any circumstances, being responsible before PT or any third parties afflicted for any loss or damage arising from an abusive use of the services.

Terms of use

1. The user can not use the Web SMS service for non solicited communications (SPAM).

2. The user is entirely responsible for the nature and manual treatment of the databases used in this service. PT won’t assume any responsibility for the legality of the messages sent in the context of the Web SMS service in case of complain or litigation reported by the addressee.

3. There's place for refund if a SMS delivery notification is "not delivery" or if the SMS delivery notification is not received within 7 days.


1. The user compromises to pay the established prices for the usage of Web SMS services.


1. The Specific conditions of Web SMS in SAPO Services take effect during the first utilization, in case of occasional message sending.

2. The Specific conditions of Web SMS in SAPO Services are applicable for a period of 30 days after the acquisition of a pack, in case of regular message sending.