Validates if a WSDL is in conformance with Basic Profile 1.1 from WS-I

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Technical Overview

WSI Service

Validates if a WSDL is in conformance with WS-I Basic Profile 1.1

API Reference

REST API Authentication

Authenticating REST Request

Every request must contain authentication information to establish the identity of whom making the request and a autorization token denominated ESBAccessKey.

ESB Access Key

The ESB Access Key is what will authorize the usage of the API and is available when the buying process ends. In the costumer area you can find the product details where you can generate an ESB Access Key for you usage, another user registered on SAPO Services or even for everyone.

The element ESBAccessKey must appear on the URL as a query-string

HTTP GET example using username and password:

HTTP POST username and password:

Request with ESBToken

Using a token instead of your username and password can be useful if you don't want to give your credentials to whom is using the API.

In order to generate a ESB Token you must use SAPO Security Token Service. The ESBToken is valid for 12 hours.

HTTP GET example using ESB Token:


Parameters description

ESBCredentials are parameters used to authenticate and authorize a REST request

Elements Description
ESBUsername The e-mail of the account that is used to access the API.
ESBPassword The password that in combination with the ESBUsername is used to access the corresponding account.
ESBToken An authentication token generated by using an user name (ESBUsername) and password (ESBPassword). It should be used a ESBToken or the combination of ESBUsername and ESBPassword.
ESBAccessKey The authorization key used to authorize the request against your purchase. The account being used to access the service must be associated to this key.
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