GIS Studio

GIS Studio

Web application (SaaS - Software as a Service) that allows you to manage geographic content: Points of Interest (POI), statistics, itinerary, among others.

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GIS Studio is a web application in SaaS (Software as a Service) model, that works in any browser and operating system and doesn't require installation of any software on the client or server.

The GIS Studio allow you to manage your own data, maps and geographic information, in a system based on standard tecnologies, open, wiht mapping, analisys, collaboration and editing tools.


The application includes the following modules:

  • Points of Interest - Allows you to search, create and edit points of interest and it's details: address, telephone, e-mail, website, foto, etc;
  • Data Import – Importation of files in kml or shapefile format, conversion of several or different coordinate systems allowing a greater compatibility between the various existing formats;
  • Itineraries - Adding, edit, and delete itineraries as well as availability of these on your site;
  • Statistics - Module which shows the statistical indicators about quantitative data on various economic and social sectors;
  • Supervision - Supervise (accept or refuse) changes made to your points of interest by your or someone of your entity;
  • Entities – Management of information related to user permissions of your entity.


  • Collaboration between Teams - The different departments of your organization collaborate simultaneously on the data management;
  • Easy to use - It doesn't requires expertise in SIG;
  • Without extra expensens - Works in any browser or operating system and doesn't require installation of any software on the client or server.

The data security it's one of our top priorities and we do everything to protect it. The process of sending and receiving data between the application and the service is done through HTTPS protocol, the data is encrypted and signed to guarantee its integrity and confidentiality. Access to GIS Studio application is controlled through login and permissions assigned to each user.

GIS Studio

Figure 1 - Home Page

GIS Studio

Figure 2 – Statistics

Can be used, for example, to:

The XPTO company which has several branch offices around the country, in a very simple way georeferences its dependencies through GIS Studio and simultaneously update the map that appears on its site to publicize their contacts through the SAPO Maps API.