GIS Studio

GIS Studio

Web application (SaaS - Software as a Service) that allows you to manage geographic content: Points of Interest (POI), statistics, itinerary, among others.

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In addition to any conditions on this page, the General Terms and Conditions apply.

Terms of Use

GIS Studio is an application that PT Comunicações S.A. (hereinafter “PTC”) provides as “Software as a Service” (SaaS) and which allows it to insert, manage and edit (including by correction, alteration and update) the information and content of the points of interest (POIs).

Points of interest (POIs) form a set of content relating to geo-referenced places of interest, and which allows its users to quickly and easily search information relating to geographic data, and the location, identification and contact of services, entities and/or places, among others. GIS Studio permits the management of POIs provided on its site (whether these be POIs incorporated or not in maps provided through the SAPO Mapas API), as well as any other points of interest included in its site or service.

For a more detailed description of GIS Studio and other questions related with it or with these Terms of Use, the user can consult the “Help” section here, or contact us via the contacts indicated there.

For you to use and get the most out of gis studio, pay attention to the following rules:

  • GIS Studio is provided against payment of a price (indicated here).
  • GIS Studio may only be used to insert correct and up-to-date data and information (like text, images, photos and other). The data should be inserted in a categorised and structured format.
  • Do not use GIS Studio to correct, delete, edit or alter data that is already correct/complete and up-to-date, nor to damage, destroy, make any type of cut, addition or alteration to the data that you have been provided with by PTC.
  • Do not use GIS Studio to insert data or information that is in any way illegal, malicious, violent, discriminatory, offensive, false, deceptive, that might violate the privacy of third parties, for which you do not have authorization to provide or that might negatively affect the image of the PT Group.
  • Do not make any use of GIS Studio and of other material and information provided by PTC under these Terms of Use that is not permitted, namely, do not decompile, reproduce or in any way alter or transmit this to third parties, and not develop products that incorporate GIS Studio.
  • Do not delete, copy, edit, modify, compromise, make unauthorised copies or in any way use, illicitly or without authorisation, any brands, logos, names, domains and other brands other than PTC or of third parties that are in GIS Studio or in the POIs that are provided by PTC. Specifically, do not remove any notice of copyright, commercial brand or notice of rights of ownership.
  • Do not introduce viruses or other content of a destructive or troublesome nature through GIS Studio, or other files/code that might interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any equipment or system.
  • Only use the instruments and mechanisms provided by PTC to use GIS Studio.
  • Do not personify anyone or any entity, nor send material that falsely expresses or indicates that this material is sponsored or supported by PTC.
  • Do not use GIS Studio to, in any way, gather, store, provide, transmit, use or reproduce information on other users (including user names and/or e-mail addresses) for unauthorised purposes.
  • The user is responsible for the images, information and other content inserted by him/her through GIS Studio, as well as for ensuring that this content is correct, complete, precise and true, does not violate any legal provisions applicable (including those in the Advertising Code and the Personal Data Protection Law), does not violate the rights of third parties (specifically, copyright, related rights, industrial property rights, rights of image, right to one’s name, the right to privacy, or any other rights that apply to the said content) and do not violate these Terms of Use or any internal policy of PTC or of any other company of the PT Group.
  • The user will be responsible for damages arising for PTC, its partners, other users or third parties, as well as for the violation of any obligations imposed in these Terms of Use, by law, regulation or internal policy of PTC. The user should therefore fully compensate PTC and other companies of the PT Group for any indemnities, costs or expenses of any nature that the latter may bear as a result of the non-fulfilment, by the user, of any of the provisions of these Terms of Use and/or of the imprecision or falsehood of any guarantees provided, as well as for any claims of any kind or nature that are made against PTC and other companies of the PT Group by third parties, based on the violation of rights of third party rights, namely of intellectual property and of rights of personality, as will be the case of the right to privacy and to one’s name.

Besides the above rules, read also the SAPO Website Policy of Use, the Terms of Use of SAPO MAPAS and the Privacy Policy. It is very important that you read these documents, as their rules of use are applicable to GIS Studio and they contain additional information that may help you make the best use of GIS Studio.


Remember that, by using GIS Studio, you accept these rules and should therefore respect them.


If you have any doubts, you can go to the “Help” section, or speak to us through the e-mail:

  1. What is GIS Studio?
    • GIS Studio is an application that enables its user to insert, manage and edit data and information for the purpose of geo-referenced searches (such as geographic data, and the location, identification and contact of services, entities and/or places of the area of competence, activity and/or knowledge of the user).
    • GIS Studio is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS).
    • Through GIS Studio, the user will be able to input, manage and edit data and information which is available on its site. PTC hereby notifies the user that there are, however, certain POIs that cannot be changed or edited, which will be duly identified and this includes the POIs provided by PTC.
    • For a more detailed description of the functionalities of GIS Studio, click here.
  2. Who does GIS Studio belong to?
    • GIS Studio, as well as its technical and functional specifications, design, software, brands, logos and all other distinctive signs and materials associated to it, and also any other material to which the user has access via GIS Studio, belong exclusively to PTC or were licensed to it.
    • PTC grants the user a license which is temporary, non-exclusive, non-transmissible and cannot be sublicensed, for the employees of the user (or rather, the workers, service providers and/or consultants who access GIS Studio through the user) to be able to use GIS Studio via access to the Internet. The user should oblige his employees to fulfil these Terms of Use, and is responsible for their usage.
    • PTC may, at any time, update or modify any options or functionalities of GIS Studio, and also modify its presentation and configuration.
    • GIS Studio was developed based on the interests of our users. However, we cannot guarantee that GIS Studio will satisfy any needs or expectations that you may have or that serve your specific purposes.
  3. What do I have to do to use GIS Studio?
    • To be able to use GIS Studio, the user should firstly fill in the form with the data indicated in it. All the personal data that PTC collects will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
    • The user should then pay for GIS Studio through one of the means that PTC makes available to you.
    • After PTC receives the payment, it will grant access to GIS Studio.
    • Access will be granted upon authentication, through a user name and password. PTC allows each user to register a maximum of 3 (three) use accounts. The user may not use the same account simultaneously from different computers (or other terminal equipment).
    • The user should:
      • Allow access to GIS Studio and notify the respective user names and passwords to a restricted group of employees with sufficient knowledge to edit information and content through GIS Studio;
      • Do not use, and ensure that your employees do not use, a user name or password belonging to third parties, nor authorise third parties to use their user names and passwords to use GIS Studio, being responsible for any access and use of GIS Studio with the user names and passwords attributed.
  4. For how long can I use GIS Studio?
    • The user may opt to obtain a monthly, half-yearly or annual licence to use GIS Studio.
    • The duration of the licence starts from the moment that GIS Studio is provided to the user by PTC.
    • If you want to continue to use GIS Studio for further periods, you should make another payment before your licence lapses. The new period will start from the date on which the previous licence lapses (if payment is made before the previous period lapses) or from the time when the new payment is made (if payment occurs later).
  5. To whom does the data input by the user belong?
    • The data and information input by the user belongs to the latter when intellectual property rights apply to it (otherwise the data will be free and can be used freely). If the user is not the owner of this data (and the data is not free), the user should obtain the necessary authorizations to use it.
    • If the data that the user provides is personal data, the user should ensure that its collection and treatment was duly authorised by the respective owners of the data and is duly legalised from the National Data Protection Commission.
    • It is exclusively up to the user to ensure the correctness, legality, completeness, precision, veracity and integrity of the data.
    • PTC has no responsibility for data input by the user, nor is obliged to preview, view or control any data input by the user.
    • PTC may notify the user regarding the reception of complaints relating to the furnishing of illicit, unauthorised, incorrect, out-of-date or incomplete data, it being the responsibility of the user to take care of the reinstatement and/or maintenance of the legality, correction, currency and completeness of the data.
  6. What care should I take in using GIS Studio?
    • To use GIS Studio, the user should not only respect the rules mentioned above, but also the imperative rules of the law.
    • PTC may not be held accountable, in any way, for the use that third parties may make of the data that you input via GIS Studio, it being the responsibility of the user to determine the rules of the use of this data.
    • Lastly, we would remind you that GIS Studio is used for your account and at your risk, with you being the sole party responsible for any damage you may suffer, including loss or damage of data that may result from the use of GIS Studio.
  7. And if I do not respect the rules for the use of GIS Studio?
    • If you do not respect the rules for the use of GIS Studio or the legal rules, we can suspend or terminate your right of use to GIS Studio.
  8. What is the price for using GIS Studio and what should I do to make the payment?
    • The price for the use of GIS Studio is available here.
    • Payment can be made using any of the means that PTC makes available to you.
    • All payments should be made without any deductions or compensations and exclude taxes and rates. If the user is obliged to make any deduction, specifically by way of withholding tax, he should pay the additional amounts to PTC that would be necessary to ensure that PTC will receive the full price indicated here.
    • PTC will issue you with an invoice/receipt for the payments made, in electronic format.
  9. What should I do if I know of someone who is violating the rules of use of GIS Studio?
    • If you know of anyone who is violating the rules of use of GIS Studio, you should contact us immediately via
  10. Will access to GIS Studio always be operating and is it safe?
    • PTC makes a reasonable effort to keep GIS Studio operational, but cannot guarantee that GIS Studio will function without interruption, without errors or failure or that it will be continuously available. PTC cannot therefore be responsible for any interruptions to GIS Studio or errors or a lack of completeness in the data that the user inputs that result from GIS Studio.
    • We make every effort to ensure that GIS Studio does not contain any kind of virus or other elements of the kind that are equally dangerous for your computer. Nevertheless, given that we cannot fully control the circulation of information over the Internet, we cannot guarantee that GIS Studio will not contain any kind of virus or other elements that could damage your computer.
    • PTC is not responsible for damage or losses that may result from the use or inability to use GIS Studio or which do not result from PTC’s acts, and is also not responsible for consequential losses, indirect damage, or loss of or damage to data.
  11. Can I stop using GIS Studio?
    • You may stop using GIS Studio at any time. However, the amounts already paid to PTC will not be returned, notwithstanding your rights under the applicable law.
    • If you want to stop using GIS Studio definitively (or rather, end this contract), you should notify PTC in writing, to this e-mail, and may not use it again without paying for a new licence.
    • If the reason why you wish to stop using GIS Studio is because you consider that PTC did not fulfil its obligations under these Terms of Use, you should indicate the provisions of the Terms of Use that you consider to be violated and any losses suffered as a consequence of the invoked non-fulfilment, as well as the date from which the cessation should take effect.
  12. Can PTC stop providing GIS Studio?

    Yes. PTC may, at any time:

    • Partially or totally suspend access to GIS Studio, especially with regard to operations involving the management, maintenance, repair, alteration or modernization thereof;
    • Definitively or temporarily / partially or totally terminate the use of GIS Studio, namely if it ceases to be able to make GIS Studio available or if, for any reason, it is no longer able to license the user.
    • PTC may also prevent, terminate or restrict access to GIS Studio for a given user if this is so required at law, in relation to a decision issued by a competent entity or in the case of the violation, by the user, of these Terms of Use or of a law, regulation, contract or internal policy of PTC applicable to GIS Studio.
    • PTC will notify you, in writing, of its intention to terminate or suspend the use of GIS Studio, by e-mail sent to the electronic address provided in the membership form with reasonable prior notice, except if the sending of such a notification or sending it with due prior notice is not possible or is impracticable.
    • PTC will in no event be responsible for any interruptions in access to GIS Studio that are not directly imputable to it by way of deceit or blame and/or which are out of its technical control, and is similarly not responsible for any response times.
  13. What will happen if I stop using GIS Studio?
    • If PTC terminates your use of GIS Studio due to non-fulfilment of these Terms of Use or of the applicable legal provisions, you have no right to receive any indemnity or compensation from PTC.
    • The above provision will also apply if you choose to terminate your use of GIS Studio where this is not due to PTC’s non-fulfilment of its obligations, including if you terminate usage due to the alteration of these Terms of Use.
    • If PTC ceases or suspends the use of GIS Studio for reasons that are not related with the user (and, in the case of suspension, this lasts for more than 2 days), you may ask PTC to return to you the pro rata corresponding to the value paid for GIS Studio and not used.
    • With the cessation of your use of GIS Studio (including in cases where the licence lapses), access to GIS Studio will be cancelled, and so the user’s user names and passwords will also be cancelled.
  14. Final information
    • We recommend that you read this document regularly, as we may alter the rules of use of GIS Studio at any time. Any alteration to the price may only occur for the following period of use of GIS Studio. You will be notified of any alteration to the price or conditions of payment to you e-mail address you provided with reasonable prior notice or will be provided online. If you do not agree with any of the rules of use, you should not use GIS Studio.
    • You should keep all the information that PTC provides you with or which you have access to under your contractual relationship with PTC and that is not public knowledge absolutely confidential, as well as of the price of GIS Studio or of other conditions that may be negotiated with you. If you have to disclose confidential information due to a legal imposition or in order to comply with a judicial or administrative decision issued by a competent body for the purpose, you should inform PTC beforehand and observe the recommendations of the latter that are compatible with the writ or with the legal obligation that is behind the duty of disclosure, and you should accompany this disclosure with the indication that this is confidential information belonging to a third party which reveals trade or industrial secrets or secrets relating to rights of intellectual property and similar.
    • PTC may cede its contractual position to any company of the PT Group to which, following processes of business reorganization of this Group, the activity currently developed by it may be transferred. It may not cede its contractual position, nor any rights or obligations that it may have under these Terms of Use to third parties without the prior written consent of PTC.
    • The use of the SAPO MAPAS API implies the knowledge and unreserved acceptance of SAPO Website’s Policy of Use, of the Terms of Use of SAPO MAPAS and of the Privacy Policy, in the wording in force at the time of each use. In the event of the contradiction, incoherence or non-conformity between these Terms of Use and any of the documents referred to in this paragraph, the rules and conditions defined here shall prevail.
    • Notwithstanding the provisions in the rules that are obligatorily applicable within the terms of the local law, these Terms of Use are governed by Portuguese law and, in the event of litigation over the interpretation or application of these Terms of Use, Lisbon District Court is the competent court, expressly renouncing any other.